What ever happened to S&H Green Stamps?

While driving around on Easter Sunday and I found myself on a road that I hadn’t been on in several years. Suddenly I had an instant flashback to my childhood. I drove by a building that used to be an S&H Green Stamps redemption center.


For those of you born after 1980, S&H Green Stamps were ‘trading stamps’ that were very popular from the 1930s to the 1970s. Basically customers would receive the stamps at participating retail outlets like grocery stores and gas stations. The more you bought, the more stamps they gave you. The stamps could later be redeemed for products in the S&H Green Stamps catalog.


I can remember my brother and I licking thousands of these stamps and pasting them into the books.
My mother would then drive over the the S&H Store and trade in a three foot high stack of S&H Books for a 5-piece Tupperware set or a set of dish towels.

2 thoughts on “What ever happened to S&H Green Stamps?”

  1. I remember getting my first two sleeping bags and luggage for camp with my mothers PinkyStamps. Same as Green stamps in Quebec.

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